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Believe book


by Sandy Forseille

I am

Sandy Forseille

Sandy Forseille has opened her gift and discovered her purpose through writing children’s books, and her passion and energy radiates through the words expressed in her first published work, Believe.

As she continues along her own life journey, she has become aware of how her inner child has been reflected in mirrors. Her journey with self-image and her own continuous awakening has been uncomfortable at times, and she has sometimes found it hard to love her reflection. Always seeing the image in the mirror that was created by the words others told her, Sandy had to learn to see herself for who she truly was. Yet, her personal growth and creativity now allows the reader to explore their own imagination and bring out their inner child’s true self-image.

Sandy’s series of books, along with the linked activities, give readers the tools to create their journeys of self-discovery. They help them to realize that their purpose, their passions and their self-love has always been there; they just have to start within. Whatever is inside reflects outside, and positive self-image will be the end gift.

These books are predominantly for children, but they will inspire anyone to start their own journey to get the results they want, and the activity books guide the reader to connect the thoughts and feelings. Sandy’s intention is to provide a service whereby she guides the readers through the thought-provoking exercises, helping them to become the best version of themselves.

“We are in harmony with our thoughts, so believe in yourself.”
Sandy Forseille, 2022.

Sandy lives in the Okanagan in British Columbia, Canada. Her grandchildren are her inspiration for her books because she can see what the children of today are going through in the world. Using her own life experiences, she is passionate in helping children to develop the necessary thoughts and feelings in order to craft their own stories of self-love. This helps them to achieve the results they dream of as they learn how to embrace and nurture their own inner child.

Sometimes, life can seem a little scary, and it’s not easy being strong and brave. So what should you do?

Sanna is a little girl with a big heart, but she starts to believe the hurtful things that people tell her. As she grows up, she learns to listen to her own voice with the help of her beautiful, magical mirror.

Danny is a worrier, who likes to play the ‘what if’ game when any new situation comes along. It takes a mother’s love and her words of wisdom to show him the way. In the end, though, it’s up to him to find his power buried within.

All they have to do is believe


Sanna was a happy little girl. She would stand in front of the mirror, singing and dancing, and the mirror loved to watch her.

Sanna would tell herself she was pretty and that she was a beautiful dancer. She loved how her dimples were so big. She would tell herself she had lovely, curly hair and her eyes were so blue, like the ocean.

She loved to talk to people and tell them about her day, and she would ask them if they wanted to share their day with her too.

When Sanna was old enough to go to school, she had lots of friends. They would use their imaginations and tell each other what they were going to be when they grew up. Then, Sanna would stand in front of the mirror, reading and pretending that she was a teacher, helping her students in class to feel good about themselves and be happy.

The mirror loved watching how Sanna would tell it her dreams of when she got older. She would talk about how she loved the feeling at Christmastime and how all the pretty lights on the streets and in her friends’ houses sparkled. Sanna never had Christmas as a little girl, but she would close her eyes and imagine how she would decorate her tree when she grew up.

Danny stood in his empty bedroom with no toys, no bed, no desk and no clothes in the closet.


Coach Sandy is nothing less than extraordinary. Her teachings are what continues to pull me through my bad days, the weekly zooms helped to mold my mind into believing in myself, and to pursue positive kindness in every day✨️. Empowering ourselves with gratitude opens the door of opportunity. And now, with the release of her children’s Book and Activity book, I am excited to share these teachings with my grandchildren so they too can learn the gratitude of showing up as your Best self…a truly priceless gift!


The senior centre invited Sandy to give an inspirational talk at one of our luncheons. We totally enjoyed her talk. She spoke with ease and commitment to her audience. She was very easy to hear and understand. She spoke of a children’s book she had written about a small boy named Danny and the commitment his mother instilled in him to never give up. All through his life as different struggles and temptations came upon him he always was guided by his mother’s words to never give up. These words came from her heart and resonated in the eyes of our seniors. We highly recommend her talks and look forward to reading more of her books to our grandchildren.


I wanted to write this testimonial because I was there to watch it be created. Sandy always wanted to write a children’s book but said she would know the feeling on which subject and content when it was presented to her. We were watching a movie and all of a sudden she stopped the movie and said I know what to write about. She put the pen in her hand and took out the pad of paper, as soon as her pen was placed on the paper the intervention began. I describe it as an intervention because it was as if something was holding her hand and writing the words on the paper. She was so intense that it was incredible watching her as she was writing. She would stop to move her hand around as it was cramping because the ideas were flowing with ease so fast she could hardly keep up. When Sandy was done writing which was only 15 minutes she read me her rough draft “Believe”. We both cried as I seen her inner child release the self-image of herself she had been carrying around her whole life. Sandy used her personal story from self-doubt to acceptance and love for herself and loving that little girl inside of her to help others so they did not have to go through years carrying this feeling that they did not have to carry. Believing in yourself is more important than what others believe in you.

She said she had to write another one right now as the words were appearing before her. She started writing her second book “But what if”.

She explained that with the world out of order right now it is so important for this message to be out there especially for children. Sandy says her message was that as adults we need to nutritious our children just like a garden needs nourishment as we have planted the seeds.. Using the tools from her activity book she guides others to create and bring out the gifts inside to share with others so they grow and show up as their best self-every and her gift is changing people’s lives every day. I am so blessed to be part of this first part of her journey and more to follow.


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